A simple but important service, professional movers are available to welcome you to your new home and get you moved into your place of residence.

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Careful unloading assistance

unloading services

New people are moving into the Grand Valley every week, and our movers regularly assist clients with unloading their truck or trailer into a new home, apartment, or storage unit.

Where is your furniture going?

Unloading services include moving items furniture and/or boxes into place as per client request. JOG Moving also emphasizes organization and friendly access to items if boxes and/or furniture items are being staged in a garage or stored in a shed or storage facility.

Cost of unloading

  • BY THE HOUR: charged hourly based on crew size.
  • UNLOADING PIANO/GUN SAFE: $45 add-on fee
  • UNLOADING OUTSIDE CITY LIMITS: $10 travel fee (per mover)
  • UNLOADING OUT OF TOWN? Check the OUT-OF-TOWN page for pricing outside the valley

Things to know

  • STAGING: With our emphasis on customer service and satisfaction, placing items where you want to goes without saying. Let us know where you want your furniture and boxes.
  • FURNITURE ASSEMBLY: JOG Moving will assist you with assembly of some furniture items (i.e. beds and hutches). Assembly adds more time to the job, but there is no separate charge.
  • UNLOADING INTO STORAGE? We do our best to ensure organization and limited access to your items even if placed in storage, which includes saving an aisle of space in the unit if possible.

Tip for the client

  • SAVING TIME ON THE UNLOAD: Consider plotting your staging of large items in your residence so that the unload is more efficient. JOG Moving will do a walk-through with you prior to the actual unload so that we are on the same page on placement of furniture, boxes, and everything else!

Schedule your moving services

Professional movers are available 5-6 days a week. Our moving teams service Grand Junction, the Grand Valley, Western Colorado, and beyond.



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