Loading is the company's most technical and celebrated service. Assembling your packed boxes and furniture in the truck for a trouble-free move is as important as any other aspect of the move..

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Professional (top-notch) loading services

loading services

JOG Moving uses field-tested methods and techniques to secure your furniture, boxes, and other items in the moving vehicle for your trip to another city or state..

Loading for a safe, damage-free trip

Each loading crew consists of at least one qualified and experienced loader who guides the loading process and works with the other crew member(s) in preparing the truck load for the journey ahead.

Cost of loading

  • BY THE HOUR: charged hourly based on crew size.
  • LOADING PIANO/GUN SAFE: $45 add-on fee
  • LOADING OUTSIDE CITY LIMITS: $10 travel fee (per mover)
  • TRUCK PICK-UP OR ASSISTANCE: $19 (if applicable)
  • LOADING OUT OF TOWN? Check the OUT-OF-TOWN MOVES page for pricing outside the valley

Things to know

  • TOP-NOTCH LOADING: JOG Moving has on its team highly-skilled loaders who use proven methods and techniques to secure your possessions in a moving truck or trailer on the level of the best movers in the state.
  • LIABILITY & LOADING DECISIONS: Each loading team consists of at least ONE professional loader, which means the movers are expected to have the freedom to make ALL loading decisions. Client requests are welcome in regards to things that need to be loaded first or last, however overall loading of the truck must be handled by the movers without interference.

Tip for the client

  • PREPARATION: In addition to being a pre-requisite for loading services to be provided, having boxes sealed and furniture cleared off and ready for the movers helps save you time and money during the actual move!

Schedule your moving services

Professional movers are available 6 days a week. Our moving teams service Grand Junction, the Grand Valley, Western Colorado, and beyond.



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