Affordable moving with a purpose

JOG Moving is focused on providing top-notch, professional moving services to clients in Grand Junction and Western Colorado. Our company standards emphasize care, professionalism, reliability, and affordability.

"Passion comes first in meeting your moving needs." - Jomas Gibson, Owner

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Our #1 priority: careful moving

The care and safety of your goods has become our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. Whether it's loading a truck for the road or moving a spinet piano from point A to point B, the utmost of care is emphasized.

JOG Moving LLC does not have warehouses, storage facilities, or its own fleet of trucks, and instead focuses on performing at a high level with its top asset - professional, attentive personnel.

A word from the owner...

Jomas Gibson of JOG Moving

"JOG Moving has evolved all on its own, bringing together many dynamics in becoming what it is today. There has always been a great satisfaction in providing service to people in the community without charging an arm and a leg. Our company protocol revolves around the idea of being passionate and enthusiastic about the service we provide.

Our aim at JOG Moving is to establish a strong reputation of professionalism, reliability, affordability, and CARE in providing moving services to this community and beyond.

JOG Moving LLC aims to be a beacon of good business across Western Colorado, and I appreciate the opportunity to meet your moving needs." - Jomas Gibson, Owner - JOG Moving LLC

JOG Moving LLC: a look back

Evolving into a moving business

JOG Moving started out as a family gig in the summer of 2013, operated solely by two brothers and their father. Third-party entities like Moving Help provided work opportunities for this small operation.

The company's birth was the result of more than just one event. Inspiration, professional exposure, job-seeking, work ethic, friend-to-friend commissions, and opportunity were all factors in establishing and managing an enterprise that provided moving assistance on a part-time basis.

As family members went different ways and the prospect of greater client base was at hand, decisions had to be made about the future of JOG Moving.

Expanding the crew and the company

This labor-based moving company started adding individuals to the crew in order to continue providing moving assistance to area customers, expanding its range and its reach in Grand Junction, and slowly evolving from a family-exclusive side job into a full-scale operation whose client base began to grow.

By spring of 2014, JOG Moving had established itself as a reputable source for professional-level moving assistance in the Grand Valley, managed solely by its owner, Jomas Gibson, who sought to improve the company's level of moving service with each job.

Years later; a reputation is established

JOG Moving LLC is still a small company, specializing in labor-based services that involve local contractors who uphold the company's high standards. This institution does not have its own moving truck, warehouse, or a business facility, but seeks to excel in customer satisfaction, friendly relations, and a reputation built on a passion-first profit-second approach.

The company's assets include basic moving equipment, a small labor force, and an evolved set of moving skills and techniques that are used in the field to service your moving needs. Our high-level approach to moving jobs and emphasis on the safety of furniture and property has resulted in a local plethora of happy customers and repeat 5-star appraisal that JOG Moving is proud of.


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