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Find answers to clients' most common questions regarding JOG Moving LLC and the moving services provided.

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Does JOG Moving go to Denver?

  • YES: Now more than ever, JOG Moving assists clients with moving efforts that involve relocation between Grand Junction and Denver (as well as their respective regions). Such moves are categorized as OUT-OF-TOWN moves, but other factors come into play in regards to expenses, logistics, and the move itself.

NOTE ON GJ-DENVER/DENVER-GJ: Calling in advance is recommended for moving operations to or from the Front Range. With busy schedules and limited all-day drivers, planning ahead with the client is very important

If I need help moving items around inside my home, can you guys do that?

  • YES (of course): This service is called REARRANGING, and has become more common of a service, especially from JOG Moving. Our pricing for small moves makes rearranging and similar services more practical and economical for clients.

NOTE ON REARRANGING: Some bigger moving companies are not prone to providing this service. That's where we come in!

Are the movers taking precautions with respect to COVID-19?

  • YES: JOG Moving monitors state and local mandates and regulations regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, and works with each client in taking appropriate precautions for all persons involved. As part of not taking chances with person, place, or thing, we want to maintain a safe and reassuring work environment in providing our top-notch moving services.

NOTE ON COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS: Our company currently goes "by the job" in regards to taking precautions. If clients have special requests for the movers, then we will honor those requests.

Does JOG Moving service its own moving truck?

  • NO: This company is primarily a labor-based outfit that offers careful and reliable services from professional movers. However, we can lease a truck and trailer for your move, and regularly assist clients with the vehicle aspect of the moving effort.

Does JOG Moving guarantee same-day service?

  • NO: Same-day moving services have been provided on numerous occasions to clients in emergency or time-crunch situations,, but it is NOT A GUARANTEED SERVICE. Same-day moving may conflict with JOG Moving's busy schedule, and would only be serviceable pending mover and time availability.

NOTE ON SAME-DAY SERVICE: A same-day charge will apply, as well as a 2-hour minimum. See pricing

Is JOG Moving LLC insured?

  • YES - LIMITED COVERAGE: JOG Moving LLC offers coverage for damaged items or property up to $1000 per move. Truck rentals handled by our movers come with insurance, including limited coverage on truck contents. Our insurance is not the most attractive to some clients, but we cite our 5-star level of attention to detail and daily emphasis on care in assuring you of the safety of your possessions during a move.

NOTE ON INSURANCE - HIGH-VALUE ITEMS: JOG Moving may defer you to a bigger company with more reassuring coverage for your move if you have furniture or other items that are valued "extremely high" (i.e. a 5-figure antique dresser).

NOTE FROM THE OWNER: "At JOG Moving I view us AS OUR INSURANCE. What that means is that we don't take chances, and have honed our focus on being careful and attentive to detail from the very start, helping eliminate most all scenarios under which damage claims are usually made."

Would I need to get any equipment for the movers?

  • NO: From JOG Moving's point of view, no self-respecting moving company is without the necessary equipment (i.e. dollies, straps, tools, etc.) to handle the job in an efficient and professional manner. Equipment will be supplied to crews to best suit a given moving job.

I need boxes packed. Does JOG Moving provide packing services?

  • NO: JOG Moving is a company that comes in to move furniture and boxes that are made ready to move, and has no intention of offering the service of PACKING anytime soon. In addition, packing supplies and materials for a move that you call us for are the responsibility of the client.

Do I have to pay for movers' gas and travel time to my house?

  • NO (within city limits): JOG Moving does not ask its clients to pay extra for gas or travel time to a moving job as long as the job site is within Grand Junction city limits and most immediately-surrounding neighborhoods. Small travel fees and/or travel time costs do apply however to outlying towns like Fruita or Palisade.

NOTE ON GAS/TRAVEL TIME: If you are not sure if your location will result in travel fees, we will help you with that in discussion about your move.


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