Professional movers reasonably priced

JOG Moving LLC wants its services to be professional AND affordable at the same time. We aim to offer top-notch moving assistance while providing reasonable pricing.

Crew of 2 professional movers: $75 per hour

Affordable rates - charged by the hour

Moves are not priced based on pounds, rooms, steps, or square-footage. They are priced by the hour relative to crew size. The most common crew size, 2 movers, currently runs at $75/hour.

Other fees

Additional fees may be applicable to a moving job depending on job details. Each of our services have price breakdowns on additional fees that may apply to your project.


Pricing at a glance

These price options come with equipment aides and labor, and are charged by the hour. JOG Moving will recommend a crew size that is cost and/or time effective based on the context of a given job.

  • 1 MOVER - $42/hour
  • 1 MOVER (OWNER) - $50/hour
  • 2 MOVERS - $75/hour
  • 3 MOVERS - $97/hour
  • 4 MOVERS - $120/hour

1 and 2-hour minimums

1-hour minimums are what you pay for all in-town jobs. Once a job exceeds 1 hour, the cost of labor is rounded to the nearest quarter-hour based on the hourly rate.

2-hour minimums for moving labor apply to the following scenarios:

  • SAME-DAY moves (with an added $15 charge)
  • OUT OF TOWN moves (jobs outside the valley)
  • PIANO or SAFE moves (no matter where)
  • SATURDAY moves (2-hour minimum policy for weekend)

Payment methods

With the exception of OUT OF TOWN moves, no deposit is required for moving services to be rendered. We settle up with you once the job is completed!

JOG Moving LLC currently accepts the following forms of payment in exchange for careful moving services:

  • CASH (no discount for using cash)
  • CHECK (made out to JOG Moving)
  • VENMO, ZELLE, or even CASH APP ("credit card options")
  • PAYPAL (additional charge may apply)

- JOG Moving currently does not have a system set up to accept credit cards over the phone or in person.

Schedule your moving services

Professional movers are available 5-6 days a week. Our moving teams service Grand Junction, the Grand Valley, Western Colorado, and beyond.



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