JOG Moving LLC offers in-house moving services that facilitate remodeling, furniture switch-ups, garage staging, and more.

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Around-the-house moving services

Whether you are remodeling your home, moving that heavy couch from upstairs to downstairs, or just need to change up the layout of furniture, JOG Moving can handle your "rearranging" moving needs.

in-house moving services

Need to move furniture around?

If you are not sure whether JOG Moving will assist you with your in-house moving task, don't hesitate to get in touch, but as long as it falls under the category of moving furniture, the job should be eligible for service!

Common rearrange scenarios

  • Garage staging: moving furniture from the house to the garage (i.e. for remodel or yard sale).

  • New flooring preparation: moving furniture into certain parts of the house for new flooring to be laid.

  • Furniture swaps: swapping different furniture items within the house (i.e. upstairs to downstairs).

  • From garage to house: moving furniture items from the garage into the desired rooms (i.e. delivered furniture.

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Professional moving services in Grand Junction and surrounding areas have never been this careful. Affordable NEXT-DAY service is available.

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