JOG Moving offers IN-HOUSE moving services, known as "rearranging," which help clients with numerous situations wherein furniture needs to be moved around without leaving the property.

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Rearranging: around-the-house moving

JOG Moving conducts in-house moving as part of its repertoire of services now more than ever!. Clients regularly request assistance with freshening up their living spaces, preparing for a remodel, staging furniture for a yard sale, and other in-house related moving tasks.

in-house moving services

What about YOUR in-house moving needs?

Often times clients are not sure if their requests can be fulfilled by JOG Moving based on the unique nature or circumstance of their rearranging needs. However, as long as the task falls under the category of moving furniture items or boxes around within the house or property, then the job should be serviceable.

Common rearrange scenarios

  • REMODEL PREP: moving furniture to different rooms or a different structure (on site) in anticipation of flooring, painting, or some other project.
  • GARAGE STAGING: moving furniture from the house to the garage (i.e. for a yard sale or furniture switch-up).
  • FURNITURE SWAPPING: mix and matching furnishings between different rooms based on the client's new vision for his/her living space(s).
  • FROM GARAGE TO HOUSE: moving stored or delivered furniture from the garage to designated rooms, sometimes even with assembly.

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