Our movers are qualified to assist in moving some pianos, gun safes, and other "capital items."

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Moving a "capital item"

Providing favorable circumstances, JOG Moving will assist clients with the moving of difficult items likes pianos, safes, and the like. Conditions and different pricing apply to these semi-daunting but very managaeable tasks

Piano moving

piano moving service

Slow and steady procedure

Our movers use a regimented series of steps to move your spinet or upright piano, incorporating proven methods involving furniture dollies, tie-downs, and a crew of 3 movers.

Things to know

  • Upright and spinet pianos ONLY: JOG Moving does not move grand or baby-grand pianos.

  • Flights of stairs: JOG Moving may not service your piano move if flights of stairs greater than 4-5 steps are involved.

Safe moving

safe moving services

"Safe" moving for your "safe move"

No pun intended, we are happy to assist you with a "safe move," and use different methods depending on the weight of the safe.

Things to know

  • Flights of stairs: JOG Moving may not service your safe move if flights of stairs greater than 2-3 steps are involved.

  • Max serviceable weight: 700-800 lbs. Clients may be prompted for more details to determine if your safe is eligible for service.

  • Light safes: JOG Moving does not charge extra fees for safes lighter than 350 lbs

Cost glance

  • FLAT FEE: $135 (includes 2-3 movers, equipment, and an hour's worth of labor). Does NOT include the moving vehicle.

  • If the safe move starts in Fruita, Palisade, Mack, Loma, or Whitewater: $15 fee

  • As part of a larger move: $30 fee

Other "capital items"

JOG Moving has moved other capital items that pose similar challenges involved with moving safes and pianos. Discussion with the client will help determine whether service will be provided.

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